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Voluntary Paid Membership

While attending the Knights Chess Club and enjoying all that we have to offer will always remain totally FREE, joining offers an opportunity to voluntarily support the club through your financial gift. Ultimately any income the KCC earns from voluntary paid memberships is returned to our members in one way or another since everyone at the club volunteers their time and services. However it helps with the ability to make donations to our host for a nice playing venue, expenses such as rating fees the US Chess Federation requires for tournaments we hold, or little extras we often do along the way such as pizza nights!

Paid KCC Member benefits

In return for your support the Knights Chess Club will provide certain benefits to paying members. Such benefits will include:

  • Discounts toward attending certain club events requiring entree fees, such as tournaments, match games, and speed chess events for example.
  • Free membership to the New Hampshire Chess Association, which is required for many of their tournament entries.
  • The satisfaction of having supported a worthwhile and free community outreach where all are welcome.

Adult membership will be $20.00 annually.
Age 16 and under: $10.00 annually.
Age 10 and under: $6.00 annually.

How to volunteer a paid membership fee

You can volunteer to pay a membership fee at the chess club. In all cases those who select to become voluntary paying club members will receive a membership card good for a period of one year, for each year paid.