Dave Kochman Wins The 1st Winters Edge Open

(12-28-15) - The Knights Chess Club extends our congratulations to Dave Kochman for his
solid victory, finishing in soul possession of 1st Place in the 1st Annual Winters Edge
Open. Dave's victory came with a score of 4 - 1, his only loss coming against Paul Godin,
a worthy opponent by any measure. Tied for 2nd through 4th place each with 3 1/2 points
were Tony Cesolini, Paul Godin, and Ed Harris.

With first place on the line it all came down to the 5th and final round when Dave, then
with 3 points, played current leader Tony Cesolini with 3 1/2 points in a clash for
victory. A win or a draw for Tony would have guaranteed him a 1st place finish, while
Dave found himself in a must win situation. Tony, an Expert on the rise entered the game
with a higher rating, and a reputation for solid grinding consistency, while Dave is
legendary for his frequent flashes of brilliance and demonstrated ability to take down
the higher rated players. This time, when the dust settled, the victory today was to be
Dave's. Viva La Kochman!

Chris Wood Skates to an easy victory in the Six Slick Sixties 2016

(11-23-15) - Once again Chris Wood demonstrates his recent dominance skating to an easy
victory in the Six Slick Sixties 2016 with a perfect score of 5 - 0, while taking a 0
point bye in the final round. Tied for second were Jesse Anderson and Eric Strickland,
each with 4 points.

Congratulations are also extended to Noah Rogers who walked away with the first place
prize for under 1600. Noah has seen steady improvement in his game over the past year due
in part to his keen eye for recognizing mistakes and ability to learn from them.

Congratulations to all for a well played tournament.

Chris Wood wins the 2015 NH Amateur

(11-14-15) - What can be said about Chris, the Knights Chess Clubs new star! Chris began
his conquest at the 2015 NH Amateur with 3 straight wins, and then solidly cemented his
victory with a 4th round draw to become the new 2015 NH Amateur Champion.

Chris's victory comes on the heals of a perfect 5 - 0 score in his most recent Knights
Chess Club tournament, the Six Slick 60's 2015, and final two wins from the 9th Annual
Knights CC Championship for a record of 10 wins and one draw in his last 11 rated games!
Though there is no need to say it, Chis is on fire!

Eric Strickland Wins the 9th Annual Knights CC Championship

(10-12-15) - The 9th Annual Knights Chess Club Championship was won this year by Eric
Strickland with a score of 3 1/2 points, confidently taking his place in KCC History with
the addition of his name to the club championship trophy.

The championship was decided in the last round when, as two Rams locking horns in battle,
Eric and Dave Kochman each took aim at the crown. Eric began the game with a King Pawn
opening, while Dave quickly met the challenge with the Petrov's Defense and the battle
was on!

The scene was set with Eric needing a win to secure the title, while Dave needed a win,
or a draw to tie. But in the end the game was Eric's.

The Knights Chess Club congratulates Eric on his winning of the 2015 Club Championship.