2nd Annual Knights Chess Club Blitz Championship

The 2nd Annual Knights Chess Club Blitz Championship will be held at the club on Monday,
9/12. A 1-day, 8-round event guaranteed to entice brilliancy and blunder alike! Only
Blitz ratings will be affected so nobody need fear having an off day. And with 8 rounds
to play a full night of guaranteed fun and actions waits for everyone.

8 Rounds
Game/5, Delay/5
No Byes will be permitted.

Be sure to attend!

10th Annual Knights CC Championship

This is the bread and butter and what the whole year has been building up to! The 10th
Annual Knights Chess Club Championship is a 5 rounds g/100 d/5 tournament that will
determine the club champion for the following year. The Knights Chess Club championship
will go to the highest finishing KCC member. The championís name will be added to the our
perpetual trophy cup and the champion can keep the cup until the beginning of next year's

5 Rounds
Game/100, Delay/5
1 Byes may be requested in rounds 1-4. No 5th round byes will be allowed.
EF: $6 (non KCC members), $5 (voluntary members)
Registration ends at 7:10pm
Rounds begin at: 7:15pm
Prizes: A chess book will be awarded to both 1st and 2nd place.

In the event of a tie: Their will be co-Champions who will share the trophy for the year.